Friday, December 7, 2007

How to create a Blogspot Page? - Pashto

په دي ځاي كي كولاي شو (نښه يا لوګو، ټكست يا خط، عكس دهغي دعنوان او معلوماتو سره او لينك ليست) اشكال وګورو.
كله چي په لينك ليست كي هر نوم ته فشار وركړو دنوموړي آدرس په همدي پاڼي كه خلاصيږي.

دلته كولاي شو ليست وګورو، په ليست كه هر نوم ته چي فشار وركړو په يو نوي وينډو كي خلاصيږي،
كولاي شو سلايډ شو وګورو په سلايډشو كي عكسونه وار په وار بدليږي
كولاي شو د بلاگ لاسته راوړني وگورو، د دسامبر په مياشت كي مونږ يو معلومات دننه كړي، نوي معلومات چي هرڅوداني او په هرمياشت كي وي دهغه تعداد او دمياشت نوم دلته راځي
او په آخره كي د ويب پاڼي دجوړونكي په هكله معلومات ترلاسه كولاي شو

About Author

Khyber Himmat son of Abdul Wahab, from Bahsood District Khoushgonbad
Village, opened his eyes to the world in Jalalabad City in 1365, during his
School he was working part time as carpenter in Jalalabad city for six years,
While he was in class 11th in school he started to study computer, English
and school subjects in private courses in Jalalabad city and Peshawar Pak.

Graduated from Nangarhar High School
Diploma in Business Administration – AIBM
Diploma in Advanced English Language – KELCC
Microsoft Office Automation – Oxford College of IT
E-Commerce – INNOVA Institute of Science
Microsoft Certified System Engineer – SITTCAF
Microsoft Access Professional Course – Oxford College of IT
Adobe Photoshop – Oxford College of IT
Advanced Hardware Course – SITTCAF

Continuing Education: University Degree in Business Administration (BA) Khurasan University.

Work Experience:

Nov 2005 to Sep 06 Administrative/Human Resources Officer - Relief International
Feb 2007 to still: European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights Program Officer - Relief International
Feb 2007 to still: Global Connection and Exchange program Website Specialist and Trainer - Relief International

Teaching Experience

One year English Language teaching experience in virus educational centers of Jalalabad City, Afghanistan

Five months Computer Teaching (Microsoft Office programs, Microsoft Access Database and Project, Hardware, Adobe Photoshop and Networking) Oxford College of Information Technology and Afghan Computer Science

God Bless Us
ومن الله توفيق
خداي (ج) توفيق راكړي

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